[Intro: Jason Mraz]

Well you’re magic he said, but don’t let it all go to your head

Cuz if you had it all figured out, then you’d never get outta bed

[Verse 1: 10Decades]

Late nights, 3AM and im sippin‘ it

Gettin‘ lit, gettin‘ it; tough times so im livin‘, shit
I been through the struggle got lows like a business

Now Im risin‘ up with the recipe to gettin‘ rich

2Pac taught me to get money first, then a bitch

Cause it all collides, work first then celebrate

On my hustle shit, grindin‘ on these bars
I grabbed that apple Im adam trynna steve jobs

Cash rules and ruins its for you to chose it
Like taylor swift Im just trynna cut loose bitch
Ill do whatever it takes, like a movie
Ive always been about takin‘ shots like an uzi
Im movin‘ through the fucking bullshit like El Viti
Trynna make that BIG money like Im PDiddy

But through all this fightin‘, i lay down my weapon

Cause life is just a game, play it right and you get heaven

[Hook: 10Decades]

Crazy young man trynna live a big life…

But who’ll be there at the night time?

Tell my momma sit back, everything’s gon‘ be alright

Cause the sunshines at the right time. (x2)

[Verse 2: 10Decades]

Lookin‘ at the bigger picture I see
Me on yo‘ tv, goin‘ all over the place like graffiti

Im movin‘ on but it ain’t easy being me
Im at peace in the wild like a mo’fuckin‘ wapiti

Im challenging my plans and relyin‘ on myself
Gotta vibe thru it all and i ain’t talkin‘ kartel

Look down on me and I’mma probably raise hell

Cuz I got the right to claim the light for fightin‘ so well

I keep drivin right past the people who hold me back
Keep Tryin to make magic without runes or a staff

And I speak on behalf the class clowns in class

Who just wanna get out cause they feel they energy is trapped

But i keep some shhh tucked in my backpack

So i can get up high like the head of giraffes

All eyes on me like a thick bitch ass.
Im just trynna blow up so i spark and layback

[Hook: 10Decades]


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